Luggage policy

The option to confirm space for excess luggage & save when booking online through our site! allows each fare paying passenger to bring up to:

  • ONE (1) piece of luggage.

Strictly as a guide:This must not exceed 0.75M / 30 inches for each exterior dimension of the item (length, width, height) & should not weigh more than 20kg’s. Please view image for more insight on acceptable luggage sizes allowed on board.

  • ONE (1) small carry-on bag that will fit in the overhead racks or under the seat.

Strictly as a guide: Maximum bag sizes that are commonly used for airline carry-on, such as wheeled rectangular bags are too large to be taken on board the bus and will not be permitted in the passenger area. We suggest a bag with dimensions no larger than a standard briefcase as being about the correct size for carriage onto the bus. Please see image.

Any luggage classed as excess or oversized, will be carried only if there is room, and is at the driver’s discretion. Any ‘excess luggage’ will incur a $15 fee where the driver deems reasonable.

Over and above this, ‘Excess Luggage’ can now be pre-booked (per trip) at the time of making your booking online.

Excess luggage Online ‘Excess luggage’ charges: 

(Confirmed space & cheaper!)

Excess luggage charges at bus stop: 

(Unconfirmed & more expensive)

Extra 20kg bag $10 $15
Bike Cannot be purchased online $15

Oversized items upon boarding:

Bicycles should be boxed to avoid damage to other passengers luggage, however if you are unable to box the bicycle, our minimum requirement is that the bicycle pedals and chain are covered and the front wheel removed. We take absolutely no responsibility for damage to bicycles that are not boxed. Tandem bicycles or large items of this type are too big for our luggage space and may be rejected owing to space constraints.

  • All oversized items are subject to space availability.
  • If you are travelling with a baby, the standard luggage policy applies. Over and above this, allows a pushchair/pram too.
  • Collapsible wheelchairs will be carried free of charge.

Section 9 of our terms & conditions will provide more detail on our luggage policy: